Not all of the anxiety and stress you feel as a business owner is necessary.

So, you’ve done the hard work of getting your business off the ground and profitable. Maybe a couple of years have passed and now you are wondering why you aren’t living the lifestyle you imagined you’d be when you started.

The truth is you’re busier and more stressed out than you’ve ever been. At this point, money is no longer the main problem, it’s time. You’d step away more if you could, but it seems whenever you do, things start to go off the rails. Maybe it’s just little things here and there, but the longer you’re away, the more chaotic things get.   Even worse, when you do try to take a vacation, you receive a steady stream of texts or quick calls with questions that shouldn’t involve you as an owner.

You’re smart enough to realize that a lack of specific processes and documentation is the cause, but that doesn’t really help because you either can’t or won’t write them in the first place.  Then you feel like “why bother, they get out of date as soon as we write them anyways”. Or worse yet, you manage to get everything in place only to find out that your team isn’t consistently referencing the documented systems.

With all of this stacked against you AND with your current workload, what are you supposed to do?

Well first off, relax. Breathe. You got this. Here’s how it works:

First, remember that you created a business that people want/need and you have revenue. That’s why you’re busy, and without revenue, you would have a different kind of anxiety. You see, the good news is that you already have everything you need to solve this major constraint you’re experiencing, and if you’re having this type of problem, this is literally the next evolution in your business.  Congratulations!

No great business got that way without doing what you need to do next.

…and it is as simple as doing this:

  1. Define what it is that you do – especially the repetitive tasks that can be delegated.
  2. Assign the work to specific team members so that there is accountability.
  3. Extract the processes from what’s already being done in your company by those knowledgeable team members… including yourself as the owner. 

That’s it. It sounds easy, but most people actually get it wrong.

The problem is that business owners get confused over exactly what to document and how to manage the whole documentation process while also managing their growing business. The scope of work quickly gets out of hand, both in terms of the number of documented processes, and the depth and detail contained in each document. In the end, well-meaning owners end up over-documenting their business in the wrong areas which only serves to slow down, confuse, and frustrate team members with added overhead that doesn’t really add any value.

This is where I come in. Using a supportive and proven method that has helped thousands of companies properly systemize their small business, I’ll walk you through the steps required to master this crucial phase of your business. Think you don’t have time? My average program only requires about 2hrs of a key staff member’s time each week. Then after 3 short months, you will have a solid playbook framework and fledgling, system-focused culture shift in place. 

If you’re even a little interested in how all this works and would like to learn more, just book a 30-minute discovery call with me to talk about your business, what’s stressing you out, and what can be done right now to free up your life.