Mission, Vision, Values...

Words easily thrown around in high-level business meetings or stuck on a plaque in the front lobby of a head office in order to look the part. But really they are much more than that and far too ignored as 'flavor of the day' - especially when a business or person is truly interested in growing in a strategic manner. I don't take planning lightly and like to continuously review what's important. The 'why' is so very important to know before you keep blindly moving forward. Put the time into knowing yourself as it will pay off over the long-haul!

My Purpose


  • Generously sharing my talent to benefit others in my local community.


  • To provide structure to small businesses so that their owners are freed of daily operations anxiety.

My Mission

It is my hope that the professional and trustworthy manner in which I have built my 30-year career, allows me to inspire and educate numerous clients towards success with their professional goals. Although I am best known for being knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects, I have developed a more tangible reputation as someone who can help struggling small businesses organize their core processes. By leveraging my systems, leadership, and organizational skills with the latest in technology, I enable all of the great people who choose to partner with me, to thrive.

My Core Values

Honesty is the backbone of who I am and hopefully, a trait that others rely on me for. When I work in dis-honest settings I get very uncomfortable and know that the situation does not align with my innate moral compass.

I choose to be Generous to those who I volunteer my time and talent with because they will be strategically chosen, based on mutual goals and visions.

I Trust in organizational processes and their power to build a world-class company through clarity, structure, and support.

I am enthusiastically Curious and want to learn about how organizations, people, and arts continuously evolve and grow. This range of knowledge will in turn help me help others in a more well-rounded manner.

I will bring my high level of Energy to every situation I am involved with because it makes me feel more engaged and will hopefully push others to act in the same manner.

My personal Self-care is critical to me so that I can be my best self when serving others. This includes staying healthy through physical exercise, ongoing education, and mental focus.

Proud to be volunteering at the following organizations: 


“Effort is one of those things that give meaning to life.
Effort means you care about something, that something is important to you and you are willing to work for it.”

– Carol Dweck, Ph.D.