Hiring an organizational facilitator to hold a workshop allows your team to efficiently pool their ideas and generate a clear path forward.

All of my programs are custom tailored to meet your needs.  Flexible meeting lengths from 1-hour to full-day sessions

Key advantages:


As a Facilitator, I can provide an objective perspective on your business and its strategy. My process helps to identify blind spots and areas for improvement that you may not have considered.  By working in numerous industries, I will provide insights and recommendations based on this experience.


My workshop methodology provides a productive and focused meeting that encourages participation and collaboration from all stakeholders. I bring many program options to your bespoke workshop and deploy them in a sequence that will keep the team focused whether in a half or full-day session.


Hiring me as an independent Facilitator saves your team time and resources. My arrangement of fun steps helps to identify the most important issues and then prioritize them effectively so that you meet your specific goal.  I ensure that the workshop stays on track and achieves its intended outcomes. 


I help you develop an actionable strategy that can be implemented immediately in your business. Your team will stay accountable with clearly set goals and milestones. Without this important step, all of your good work will be done for nothing.



I love helping clients attain their goals. Let’s talk about making your life easier!

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I know what I can do and when it's best to call in back-up. If I see other areas that you can save money, I will suggest one of our trusted partners in related industries to step in.

Teamwork happens without ego.

You built your company on trust. How we collaborate to manage your growth is just as confidential as your secret sauce. I ensure that what happens in your building, stays there.

Trust always matters.

Professionalism starts with each of us doing good work which sustains our reputation. I am professionally insured and will stand behind my contributions to your team's success.

Let's do it right, together.