If you are a business owner, an angel investor, or the manager of an M&A firm who needs to know as much as possible about a potential acquisition, I am your new best friend.  You know that financial statements are easily manipulated.  You need an experienced operations investigator in your pocket to point out gaps in process, safety, and organizational structure.  Before you invest, let me give your team another viewpoint and confirm the excellence you are hoping to profit from.  

Maybe you are just trying to get an unbiased opinion of your company's health. "Familiarity builds contempt" is a phrase that everyone is well, 'familiar' with but often it gets lost in business when egos dictate possible paths to a resolution.  When your company is unable to solve a known problem, fresh eyes are often the best way to elicit a quick solution.  Even better, when you are looking for a competitive edge or "marginal gain" in your company, an outside opinion is the most efficient way to shake things up. 

  • I have the advantage of 'seeing behind the curtain' in many types of industries. Additionally, I have a diverse set of life experiences that qualify me to offer you helpful and unique suggestions. Fresh eyes = fresh ideas.
  • Larger companies have a more diverse workforce however, they often do not think to inter-mix departments.  This leads to a huge loss of mutually beneficial knowledge.  Smaller companies often communicate more freely due to their size and nimbleness.   Unfortunately, they lack depth in their employee pool to pull in unique perspectives which leads to stale or even biased viewpoints.
  • Many companies insist that their staff is already overworked.  That they cannot afford the time to be involved in synergized meetings to review individual problems.  This is a real statement however, it is still short-sighted.  Let me make the connections and be your change agent.

Deliverables:  Personal communication through the process ensures we gather only the information that you need. Detailed overview documents are written in language that is clear and understandable by your target readers.


Engagement Options:

Single Consulting Sessions: Value by the hour for a series of short-term, one-on-one meetings.

Block of Sessions: Best used for a series of sessions held at random times to receive an hourly discount.

Pay for Work Retainer: Best for an ongoing, larger project that I am delivering on a consistent basis.

Fractional COO Retainer: Best for long-term engagements when the company needs ongoing guidance.


I specialize in documenting systems efficiently so that you can grow your team with ease


The models that I provide are bespoke and I adapt them to meet your unique business goals


My Systems Success programs have been implemented in a wide variety of growth industries


I curate knowledge from a wide variety of sources and genuinely want to share it with you


I love helping clients attain their goals. Let’s talk about making your life easier!

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I know what I can do and when it's best to call in back-up. If I see other areas that you can save money, I will suggest one of our trusted partners in related industries to step in.

Teamwork happens without ego.

You built your company on trust. How we collaborate to manage your growth is just as confidential as your secret sauce. I ensure that what happens in your building, stays there.

Trust always matters.

Professionalism starts with each of us doing good work which sustains our reputation. I am professionally insured and will stand behind my contributions to your team's success.

Let's do it right, together.