"Jason Henderberg is an impressive person and executive. His leadership, professional track record, and work ethic speak for themselves. Jason is remarkably thoughtful and intentional about his work, with a deep commitment to bringing his values to life and to serving others. He’s committed to a better way of doing business, with integrity and a true focus on people as well as results. A true pleasure to work with." - Gregg Vanourek, co-author, LIFE Entrepreneurs and Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations; owner, Gregg Vanourek LLChttps://greggvanourek.com/ 


Trained in SYSTEMology Methods

During my 30-year career helping to grow (and repair) small organizations, I have gotten certified in several "big-company" roles such as an ISO-9001 Auditor and Lean Six-Sigma Blackbelt. Unfortunately, many of these methods didn't fix the root cause of my small company, day-to-day problems. I found myself pulling pieces of these programs out of my toolbox and adjusting them to improve people's working lives.

When I first read the book: SYSTEMology, I loved it so much that I got personally trained by David Jenyns and refocused my entire goal as a consultant. Now my mission is hyper-focused on helping as many business owners implement the systems documentation methods as I can.  I believe all business owners and operational leaders deserve to run a reliable business. No single person in an organization (including the owner!) should hoard all of the knowledge. This business will never be able to scale up.  Roles not only need to be properly documented but are easily accessible to everyone. This is the only way to ensure employees at every level are accountable and following your

Deliverables: An organized and accessible playbook that you can operate your company with and use to sell the business for a higher multiple.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Hidden waste is not something to be ignored in your business.  Non-value-add labor, materials, and talent place a silent strain on your business.  I offer a wide range of change methodologies tailored to your company's specific needs.  My goal is to advise you on the most basic tools by which everyone in your team can grasp.  This is critical if you want to have the most sustainable result.

  • Some situations require simple concepts such as Lean methodology to drive change.
  • Others require a deep and systematic approach.  Being a certified Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Blackbelt (the highest level of proficiency) since 2012 has allowed us to lead complex improvement projects. I use a thorough documentation method and understanding of all aspects of the LSS method to ensure success. This style requires competence in each of the phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) as defined by the LSS Black Belt Body of Knowledge.  A LSS Black Belt understands how to implement, perform, interpret, and apply these techniques with an advanced level of proficiency.
  • I show you where you can build profit through streamlined workflows in your plant or office.  
  • I help to train your employees to look for waste in their daily work so that the savings multiply.
  • You save money.

Deliverables:  Improved speed of product through-put.  A more organized work environment with increased profit by way of reduced waste.

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Certified

Process Certifications set you apart and build credibility.  If you are operating in a regulated industry, then you know how unavoidable documentation is and how it must be seamlessly integrated into your culture.  No matter your size or type of business, your certification (like your Mission and Values) cannot be 'just a sign on the wall'.  You must live the process from the front office to your shipping dock.

Sometimes you can use a process certification to help the environment such as Forest Stewardship Council (FCC).  Other times you can elevate your ability to sell products to key demographics in your marketplace as is done with International Code Council (ICC).

  • Building a process certification binder from scratch is a tedious task that requires experience and diligence.  It must be done right, the first time, and let's face it... it's unlikely nobody on your staff will have the time to wade through the process.  Let us help you by getting to know your business, your people, and the end goal of the plan.  Certifications don't need to be a dreaded task - they just need to be maintained properly.
  • Already have a certification such as ISO 9001:2015? Has it been updated every time you made a change to your process?  Has it been fully updated in the last year?  If not, give us a call.  We can help you get back on track.
  • Is it audit time for your existing certification?  Audits can last days or weeks and require a steady hand to ensure your company is represented professionally.  Saying the right things, showing respect, and adapting quickly is what we do best.  Don't wait until audit time to ask for help.  Numerous Corrective Action Reports (CARs) could jeopardize your expensive certification.  I have a proven history of receiving no CARs during intense, highly focused audit meetings.  Call now!

Deliverables:  Highly detailed process documentation presented in an organized and understandable manner.  Professional representation during external autis sessions.  Employee engagement in living their process model.

OSHA 30-Hour Certified

Safety First is how the slogan goes.  Unfortunately, in most companies, employee safety takes a back seat to production output and customer deadlines.  In the day-to-day struggle, implementing best practices for safety systems typically has a feeling similar to buying insurance... "I don't really need it".  Then comes the moment when someone gets hurt.  You don't want anyone on your team to be injured on the job but it happened.  At this point, it's too late.  Not only is someone's life negatively affected by your negligence as an owner, but you will also have to explain WHY you let it happen.

  • If the incident is minor in nature (do you know what that refers to?) you wl have to fill out several forms to document the case.  Hopefully, this is the worst situation you face.
  • If the incident is significant and the employee had to be hospitalized or needs recurring care, you additionally need to fill out your OSHA-300 Log.  Do you have one? Where is it?  You will also need to submit forms to your Workers Comp carrier which will affect your rates.
  • Maybe the incident is significant and the result of a know occupational hazard?  If you or your team knew about it but didn't do anything to prevent a possible injury, you will likely get flagged by OSHA for an immediate audit.

Now what?  An OSHA  officer is in your front lobby asking who is in charge.  Do you have a plan so that you know how to interact with them or what your rights are?  Do you have all of your safety documents ready to turn over right away?  FInes can quickly exceed $50,000 and if you don't fix them right away, you could be looking over $200k depending on how big your company is.  Now what?  

Don't wait until this story unfolds.  Do the right thing.  Protect your employee's health.  Put in a systemized safety plan.

Deliverables:  A comprehensive review of your company's written policies and training procedures with recommended next step for improvement based on decades of OSHA interactions and training.


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