"The numerous skill sets that Jason brings to the table ensure that you get the help your team needs"

"Multipotenialites are innovators who have many personal and professional paths and they pursue all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both), with energy and the will to succeed. They are excellent at bringing disparate ideas together in creative ways and their insatiable curiosity leads them to absorb everything related that they can get their hands on.  As a result, they tend to pick up new skills fast and adapt easily to unique situations.”

Small Business Documentation Specialist

Whether you are ready to scale up, sell your company, or finally get profitable, your team needs well-documented Systems.  Most companies either have no documented systems or a confusing playbook that nobody knows how to find.  I GUARANTEE that the experience I have implementing an organized and structured method for your team will get you on the path to success fast... and in a sustained manner. and much more. 

- Your small business should never be held hostage by any one person, even the owner.  Easily accessible systems build value.

Small Business Leader and Process Manager

Leadership can be learned but not fully understood until it is put to practical use. Much of what you read on the subject is merely an outline because every situation is different. Every team is different. Experience gained while observing what works with who and when, builds good leadership. If your group is lacking values, or the ability to consistently interact in a professional way, it is rotting from the inside out. Don't settle for mediocre results.

- Lets talk about your individual needs, what I have seen work successfully, and then put together a plan to coah your critical staff.

Serial Entrepreneur and Non-profit Founder

Knowledge is quite different than Imagination. When you have a few great ideas kicking around in your head and can harness both simultaneously, cool things happ en. Until you have started your own venture and truly dug into every facet of nurturing its growth, you lack a wholistic perspective. Doing so takes time and trust me, you will make mistakes. Today, things move fast and you can't afford to waste time with a trial and error approach. 

- Leverage my decades of launching new businesses to help you accellerate your new venture with a precise strategy.

Corporate Environmental and Safety Advisor 

The best way to make money in your business is not to lose it.  Avoiding employee injury, keeping up employee morale, and avoiding steep fines are hidden costs that CFOs don't show on their balance sheets... but they are very real.  If you haven't worked in dangerous situations or been part of an invasive OSHA, DOL, or EPA inspection, you may be at risk for potential liability.  Don't take chances with your safety program!

- Learn from my many years of experience in preventing injury and being on the front lines of numerous corporate investigations.

Amateur Photographer and Graphic Designer

Knowing what your company stands for and where it is going is critical when you are setting up processes and growing your staff.  Growth though, can't happen without sales, and sales rely on a properly executed marketing strategy.  Who are your customers and what are their needs?  If your brand isn't aligned with your actions, things won't progress how you planned.  Don't neglect the effort it takes to keep your image clean and consistent.

- Imaging and design are not only part of my job but one of my biggest hobbies.  You have to love this stuff to keep up.

Auto Racing Team Owner, Driver, and Sponsor

Building a professional brand requires the willingness to take chances and meet the competition head-on.  Running a competitive racing team builds a tenacity to work hard and continuously figure out better ways to improve... not only on your personal ability but the team and materials supporting you.  It can't be done alone and success only comes to those willing to work together for a common goal.

- Ask me about my decade of experience gained racing various Sprint Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles on tracks across the North East.

Bonsai Grower and National Exhibitor

Nature mimics life more often than most people realize. You need patience when working with delicate trees which might have been in a pot under human care for decades.  Knowing when to make a cut and when to let a branch grow is no different than running a business.  Managing your staff takes the same skill and when it's done wrong, your organization will suffer just like an unhealthy tree.  Manage your staff like you are preparing a fine exhibit!

- Comparing seemingly unrelated life experiences brings a greater depth to the analysis of problems in business.

World Traveler (pre-COVID)

If you stay in your small pond, you will never grow or understand what the other fish are up to. By traveling for business or recreation, whether to audit another facility or climb a mountain, you gain a different point of view.  When given the chance to visit other cultures or different industries I make sure the time is spent using curiosity and respect.  When you push yourself, you can learn more than you ever imagined.  Then it's time to share!

- From studying bonsai trees in Japan to touring paper mills in Spain and back-packing the Swiss Alps, traveling provides perspective.

Bluegrass Musician

Performance in business is driven by your ability to react to last-minute changes in client needs while adapting to conditions based on your strengths... and knowing your weaknesses.  On stage, the tempo and tone of a given song can change in milliseconds and the players who get it right, adjust accordingly so that the audience never notices.  Your customers will notice when you get it right. 

- As an upright bass player I played with many bands on stages across the Eastern US and know what stresses you are going through.


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