Business Process Documentation

"Defining WHAT you do is a fundamental business strategy"

Systems Session

Single Strategy Session

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About this option

  • Only $695.
  • One 2-hour long, starter session.
  • Can apply toward a System Success program.

The perfect solution when…

  • You aren't sure where to start and feel overwhelmed about documenting.
  • You are a start-up business with limited resources or staff.

During the Zoom call:

  • We prioritize your organization's pain points.
  • See real-life examples of how systems can be implemented at your company.
  • Learn how documented systems will reduce stress and clarify your strategy.


  • 3-5 tangible priorities that your team can focus on to begin your journey.
  • Understand how to set up your systems documentation workflow.
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Systems Solutions

5-Pack Systems Startup Solution

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About this option

  • Starting at $4350.
  • Five (5) 1.5-hour, one-on-one Zoom sessions.
  • Personalized curriculum for your industry.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings at your convenience.
  • Hours are good for up to two months.
  • Can apply toward a System Success Program.

The perfect solution when…

  • Your company lacks the budget to invest in the 12-week Success program.
  • You need ongoing feedback to ensure team competency and structure.
  • A department needs additional help to implement a sustainable initiative.
  • You have several engaged team members who are organized and have working capacity.

During each Zoom call:

  • Review how to align your systems to support your perfect client's needs.
  • See real-life examples of how systems documentation should be structured.
  • Receive weekly feedback on the documentation work your team is doing. 


  • Jason helps you choose and set up your new systems software account.
  • Your team will know how to sustainably document and organize systems.
  • Jason provides systems documentation instructions and videos for your software.
  • You gain confidence in creating your own custom-made systems playbook.
  • Jason records/documents 3-4 systems for you. 
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Systems Success

12-Week Process Program

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About this option

  • Billed monthly, please call for a quote based on your needs.
  • Twelve 2-hour, weekly Zoom sessions.
  • A full concierge program where Jason does 80% of the work while your team learns.
  • Options for in-office update meetings and in-the-field video recording work.
  • Flexible scheduling of weekly meetings including Saturday options.
  • Personalized curriculum for your company.
  • Weekly sessions are good for up to four months.

The perfect solution when…

  • Your business is fragile because a key employee left unexpectedly.
  • Your internal staff are busy and have little time to document what they do.
  • Your business is poised to grow quickly in the near future and you need structure.
  • Engrained cultural issues exist that are holding back necessary change.
  • You need to see the biggest ROI on your documented playbook in the shortest time.

During the sessions:

  • Full oversight for Owners/Managers with minimal weekly involvement.
  • Coaching on how to leverage documented systems with your other HR methods.
  • Suggestions for process improvements.
  • Referrals to reliable business partners.
  • Training on how to easily set up accountable training workflows.
  • Jason records all systems and converts them into clearly written training documents.
  • Personalized manager/worker classes while recording actual systems.
  • Ongoing, weekly review of all work being documented.


  • A fully established playbook with at least 25 new, fully documented systems.
  • Jason to begin the process of loading pre-existing systems.
  • A very organized company documentation workflow that is linked to your Google or M365 account.
  • Initial training workflows and employee quizzes that are ready to deploy.
  • Staff are able to continue developing your playbook into the future.
  • Bonus: General business systems SOPs and knowledge provided by Jason.
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