You are busy. 

Your team is goal oriented. 

No time to waste. 

Meet that objective at any cost. 

You did it, you did it! 

Now... on to the next? 

Not so fast!

Acknowledging a success no matter how small seems simple enough - but in everyone's daily rush to meet goals and avoid costly mistakes, it often gets forgotten. I believe that without this crucial step in a leader's daily plan, future projects will be less productive.

Compliments and rewards are valuable tools and are the sparks that keep everyone's fire burning - revealing their innate drive to contribute more than their share to the cause at hand. Each project, every month, whatever the span of time being discussed, builds on the prior milestone's emotional success or lack there of. If recognized, each of those moments has the potential to build positive energy on your team and before you know it, your company's culture is formed .

Getting creative in your celebrations doesn't mean spending a lot of money or throwing a lavish party. Simple things like giving out gift cards or even little gold stars to those who have gone above and meyond might seem like a grade-school type of recognition but try it. Make it funny. Make it public. The more that your team can rally around a little moment of laughter and recognition, the more you will bond and work even more cohesively on your next project.

Celebrate now and at every given opportunity or risk a stagnating future!