As a business owner, when was the last time you went on a guilt-free holiday? 

I’m talking about the last time you went away to recharge and refresh - without feeling guilty and worrying about everything falling apart as soon as you stepped away from the day-to-day grind?  Maybe you’ve gone on a short break and realized pretty quickly that your business simply can’t run without you (and you can’t leave your team in charge for too long!)

Truth is, you’re not alone. I’ve seen this reality firsthand hundreds of times in businesses that don’t have their most critical systems documented to help their owners:

  • Work ON their business, not IN their business
  • Release themselves from functional admin tasks
  • Trust their talent with high-level activities

As a professional consultant with over 30 years of documentation experience, I’m here to help you implement tried-and-tested processes and procedures that allow you to finally take that guilt-free trip to the Bahamas (or anywhere else you can dream up!)

During one of my short 3-month engagements, I work mostly with your key staff to develop a systems-focused culture that allows your team to operate in a more consistent and efficient manner.  Think they don't have time?  It only involves about 2-3 hours But this project WILL involve you for a few of the first meetings.  What will we work on together?

I help you to define your most important product or service and understand what systems support them the most. This is a deep dive into determining who is your BEST client type and then understanding HOW you not only deliver to them but get them to come back for more!  I'm talking about the one who loves working with your team, appreciates your product or service, and is willing to pay for it. Not "you know who" the other customer who is late to pay and complains all of the time. 

I have found that many business owners have not done this type of strategic work because they feel that ANY revenue is good revenue.  This however is a myopic way of looking at your customer relationships.  If you do the work to truly understand how you can attract and retain that utopian customer, you unlock exponentially more revenue.

Want to know another secret about your best client?  They tend to hang out with other business owners or individuals who operate in the same fashion.  Like minds attract!  So if you hit it out of the ballpark for them, they will likely refer you to others in their friends/family/professional network.  Then before you know it, your pipeline will be full of awesome customers and you can find of nice way to stop working with the others. Yes, this is possible.  Think of the stress relief and time savings your team will gain by not having to deal with the complainers and slow payers.

If you’d like to chat more about how to build effective business systems, I’d love to tell you more in a short Zoom to talk this through. The framework of my programs are incredibly powerful when it comes to automating your business and getting the weight off your shoulders. If we get started in the next month, then when the weather turns cold in October, you can book a relaxing flight to Sunnyville!

During this Zoom or in-person meeting, we’ll discuss how you can use it too to help your business stand on its own two feet, without you constantly holding its hand. Interested? Schedule a meeting with me today to start your journey to complete business freedom!